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Scotland’s lockdown tightened amid pressures on the NHS

© Sinitta Leunen

Scotland is taking extra measures amid worsening conditions for the NHS, and rising infections.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced today that takeaways would be banned from allowing access to customers inside of their premises.

Shops have also been told they must cease to provide click-and-collect services to consumers for items deemed non-essential.

The restrictions to click-and-collect services have been viewed as one of the least painful measures to implement to reduce infections, with the situation currently “very serious” said Sturgeon.

With another 1794 people in hospital across Scotland due to Covid related symptoms, reducing mobility and people’s interactions is seen as the fastest way to bring admissions down.

Scotland’s stay-at-home rules would also be tightened with a legal framework prohibiting non-essential outdoor activities, in line with the rest of the UK.

Employers have also been asked to support their staff as they carry on their work from home where possible. Non essential building work will also be prohibited under the new legislation, with a regular review depending on cases and hospital admission numbers.