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Life extension becomes a reality thanks to new programme unveiled by Dr. Roya, a leading anti-ageing physician

© Dr. Roya Hassad / Anti-ageing physician

Medical advances are making it possible to extend life expectancy even more, but it is also important to pay attention to the idea of ‘good well-being’. For many Scots, it’s a difficult balancing act, and all too often, the body can become unbalanced leading to chronic ailments that shorten life spans. 

Dr. Roya Hassad, a global expert and physician, has been treating patients with a variety of long-term acute conditions to help them find a new balance. With traditional medicine, it is sometimes not possible to go as in-depth in treating a cause, versus a symptom. Dr. Roya, who is also a renowned speaker, has advocated for better treatments that tackle problems of stress and lifestyles that often lead to debilitating problems down the road. 

Offering a wide variety of treatments from hormonal therapies to tailored wellness programmes and nutrition, Dr. Hassad has developed uniquely tailored offers to help her patients get back on track with their health. Consulting with her international patients online as well as locally in New York, Dr. Roya has found that often people are not fully aware of how certain circumstances can have a profound impact on the body – which starts the process of deregulation and ageing.

A strong believer of prolonging life expectancy, Dr. Roya has sought to make tailored treatments and alternative therapies more mainstream, to give people another opportunity to look at their health situation in more detail, and take action.

With anti-ageing therapies becoming more effective in helping people prolong life, there’s never been a better time to explore alternatives, and to find new treatments that can fundamentally change everything for someone with longterm health problems. 

Have you looked at alternative therapies or tailored wellness programmes to extend your life? 

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