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Climate change expected to bring more extreme weather events to the UK

© Ben Collins

Britain is preparing for further disruption in the years to come as the effects of climate change continue to be felt around the globe. The frequency and severity of extreme weather events including heatwaves, storms, and flooding are predicted to increase in the UK, according to a recent Met Office analysis.

The rise in average temperatures is one of the biggest effects of climate change in the UK.

The UK has experienced an increase in average temperatures of about 1.5°C during the previous century, and this trend is anticipated to continue. More frequent heatwaves will result from this, which might seriously harm the public’s health, especially for those that are already at risk, such the elderly and those who already have health issues.

The UK is anticipated to experience an increase in the frequency and severity of storms in addition to heatwaves. As the planet warms, more moisture may be held in the atmosphere, increasing the likelihood of violent storms and heavier rainfall. The repercussions of this trend have already been felt in the UK, where recent storms like Ciara and Dennis caused extensive damage.

Another significant issue related to climate change that the UK is dealing with is flooding. Since the 1980s, the number of households in the UK at risk of flooding has increased by 60%, according to the Environment Agency. As sea levels rise and extreme weather events grow more frequent, this trend is anticipated to continue.

In the UK, there are already signs of the effects of climate change, and things are only going to get worse. To lessen the effects of climate change and guard against its worst repercussions, countries around the world are under pressure to do more to reduce emissions sooner.